by Nelson Price

How To Win The 1986 Marathon
Nelson Price
James 5:7-12

JESUS CHRIST wants to be your pace-setter to enable you to win
the race of life in this new year.
Like racehorses chomping on the bit and straining on the reign,
we are eager to charge into a new year. Impatiently we want to
out run those around us. Tension mounts and stress builds as we
consider the enormity of the challenge confronting us in our
competitive society.
The late Hans Selye, recognized during his life as one of the
foremost investigators of stress, divided people into two
groups. Some he called racehorses who thrive on competitive,
aggressive, challenging, demanding, face-paced, even
life-threatening existence. The others he called turtles.
These people more, more slowly, require peace and quiet, and are
cautious and careful.
He estimated that 50% of the American people are racehorses. If
you are, don't try to be converted to a turtle. If you are a
racehorse, I do want to share with you how to become a happier,
more productive one who conquers the stress and pressure of
Selye noted that 40% of Americans are turtles. The other 10% he
said were a combination racehorse/turtle.
These are the people who pray: "Dear Lord, please give me
patience -- AND DO IT RIGHT NOW."
Therefore, with half of our society made up of non-racehorses,
the true racehorses have a tendency to be come impatient with
them. Because racehorses don't like to be outrunby another
racehorse, that puts more stress on racehorses. Impatiently
racehorses live a competitive life.
James tells us how to be a patient racehorse.
I.THERE MUST BE CONTROL (James 5:7 "be patient")
There are two di ...

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