by Nelson Price


JOHN 15: 12 - 19

JESUS CHRIST said, "No longer do I call you servants...but I
have called you friends..." Thus, He paid us a supreme
compliment. The word "friend" in English, as in its Greek
equivalent PHILOS, conveys the idea of loving and being loved.
There is something warm and pleasant about it.
The secret of success in ones search for friends is found in the
wisdom of Solomon who wrote: "A man who has friends must
himself be friendly" (Proverbs 18:24). An unknown poet
expressed it:
I went out to find a friend,
But could not find one there,
Then I went out to be a friend,
And there were friends everywhere!
An English publication ran a contest seeking the best definition
of a friend. The winner was: "A friend -- the one who walks in
when the world walks out."
Jesus perfected the art of friendship; and after patterning it,
passed it on to His followers. By example and expression He
answered the question: "What is a friend?"
I.A FRIEND IS COMMITTED (Vs. 13 "greater love has no man than
Friendship involves commitment. (Story of four G.I.'s on patrol
in Vietnam: "You gotta care baby...you gotta care!")
However, laying down your life involves more than lookinginto
the grey face of death. There is a principle of slow sacrifice
folded into the words of the Saviour.
It is as hard at duty's call,
To lay one's life down day by day,
As to lay it down once for all.
Friendship motivates one to daily help another.
It means to make ...

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