by Nelson Price

You May Know His Resurrection Power
Nelson Price
Philippians 3: 8 - 12


JESUS CHRIST arose from the grave that you might arise every
morning with power and purpose in life. As He overcame the
small chamber intended to be His grave, so He wants to enable
you to break free of the limitations that keep you from your
full spiritual potential. This involves:
I.PERSON -- "That I may know Him..."
This does not mean to simply know ABOUT Christ but to "come to
know by experience." This becomes a reality when there is an
encounter with Him resulting in experiential knowledge. It
consequences in a faith-union.
This was the longing of Paul's life. What is yours?
To "know" a person means to enter into deep personal contact and
intimacy. The controlling purpose of our life should be to know
Christ better. Knowing Him enables you to interpret your
experiences in life.
Who it is he wants to know is identified in verse 8, "my Lord."
Lord = "sir," one of authority, divinity.
II.POWER -- "...the power of His resurrection..."
"Power" = DUNAMIS = "That which overcomes resistance."
"Power" may refer to forceful energy, brute strength. The word
is also used of "authority" or "ability." The Lord gives us the
ability to overcome.
The same power that raised up Christ is available to
thebeliever. The power that fed the 5,000, stilled the storm,
raised the dead, and created the universe is the power available
to every believer. Our desire should be to experience this
power in order to live the victorious life.
It is power to resist and to overcome. (Alcoholism)
A.Power of Position
Our position is "in Him" (v ...

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