by Nelson Price

The Easter Equation
Nelson Price
Matthew 28:1-6

(Page 1460 Come Alive Bible) Jesus Christ is the only person to have His epitaph announced by angels. Weeping women and mournful men came to the tomb in which His lifeless body had been placed. They came to bury their hope. They were there to say farewell to a dream, embalm the past, and to weep and mourn. These defeated and dis-spirited followers of Christ were representative of all of humankind hope. They were met by angels at the tomb who said: ‘‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.’’ It is always a joy to visit that empty tomb in Jerusalem. On the door recently placed at this entrance for security purposes is the inscription, ‘‘He is risen.’’

What an epitaph! The resurrection is God’s ‘‘yes’’ to the world’s ‘‘no.’’ The world says ‘‘no’’ you can’t live forever. The resurrection says ‘‘yes’’ you can. The world says ‘‘no’’ you can’t live forever. the resurrection says ‘‘yes’’ you can. The world says ‘‘no’’ you can’t live optimistically and victoriously with hope. The resurrection says ‘‘yes’’ you can live with enthusiasm for your future. The resurrection shouts of the reality that God has the capacity to correct life’s inequities. When your life seems los tin vicious violence and is subject to outbursts of hatred and bigotry, then the assurance offered by the resurrection says there is hope.

Near Colorado Springs, Colorado, there is a road which winds through William’s Canyon to the Cave of the Winds. The pass through which it goes seems to get more and more narrow as your travel it. One passage is knows as ‘‘The Narrows.’’ As you draw near it, every indication is that you can’t make it through. Just before you reach it, there is a sign which states: ‘‘Yes you can - a million others have.’’ Just when life gave every indication of having only a hopeless end, Christ arose--revealing it has an endless hope. You can make it become ...

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