by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 27: 45, 46

JESUS CHRIST at birth was called Emmanuel, God with us. He was
born in a unlikely place, in an undistinguished location, and to
unassuming parents.
In His death he died a forsaken teacher held up to mockery in
shame to die in abandoned agony. He who was Emmanuel, God with
us, is now alone.
Three long dark hours had passed without an utterance from the
center cross. The saddest saying of the silent Sufferer shocked
the sadistic crowd. It evidenced total abandonment and
acknowledged complete atonement.
With the shriek of a siren the silence was broken: "Eli, Eli,
lama sabachthani?"
Jesus' cry was in Aramaic, His native tongue.
Well might the sun in darkness hide and shut its glories in for
Christ the mighty maker died for man the creatures' sin..."
At the ninth hour the death of Christ had its earth-shaking
consequence. The earthquake caused even the rocks to break. If
what happened on Calvary doesn't break our hearts they are
harder than stone.
Come to CALVARY where the Saviour died and salvation was born;
where God prayed and the mob cursed; where by faith I received
my sight and all the burdens rolled away; where God's son was
forsaken that we might never be.
The crucifixion stands alone as the most heinous thing man has
ever looked upon. Nothing was private on the cross; not thebody,
self-reproach, or the delirium of doubt. It was a conscious
nightmare. That loud cry from the hill top was the cry of a man
dying. This cry was the most stunning ever heard by human ears.
This word stands alone among all that was sp ...

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