by Nelson Price


EXODUS 14: 13 - 16

JESUS CHRIST said to His followers: "Go into all the world and
make disciples..." God's people have always been under orders.
His orders often involve the little word "go." A vivid
illustration of this is found in our text.
It detracts a bit from the story when you know the end from the
beginning. To understand something of the emotion of the people
involved in the epoch recorded in Exodus, remember they did not
know the end from the beginning. They knew only that Moses had
promised to lead them as Jehovah directed him. Their confidence
was, at the point we pick up the story, at an all time low. They
knew only that the moaning sea was before them and a raging army
behind them.
They were right where God wanted them.
They were bivouacked between Pi-Hahiroth and Baal-Zephon. They
were in a hopeless situation.
We see ourselves mirrored in them. God had blessed and cared for
them up to this point. He had promised to give them a land
flowing with milk and honey. However, many past blessings are
forgotten in light of one present perplexity.
Pharaoh's army had them hemmed-up in a narrow plain with
mountains on one side, an expansive marsh on the other, and the
Red Sea before them. Now note:
I.DELAY "Why do you cry to me?" (Verse 15)
Moses and the people had been crying out to God. Mixed withtheir
prayers for deliverance were cries of despair and derision. This
added to their paralysis of fear.
In effect God said, "It is time to stop praying and start
acting." Christians today need to pray fre ...

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