by Nelson Price

Nelson Price
JOHN 19:30 AND MATTHEW 27:50

JESUS CHRIST was nearing the end of His ordeal on the cross when He spoke for the sixth time. Having moistened His lips He shouted - "It is finished!" Matthew 27:50 tells us He said it in a loud voice. Mark and Luke stress this fact also. These three words translate one Greek word. The Greeks prided themselves in saying their language had the ability, "To give a sea of meaning in a drop of language." That one word was TETELESTAI. It means, "It is finished as I intended to complete it, and it stands perpetually, eternally finished." Perfect tense: "It was finished and as a result it stands finished." It was a word used to speak of a debt being paid in full.

The victim had become the Victor. This was a cry of triumph and jubilation. His work on earth was done. The gates of heaven were now open for all who will enter in. What had long since been the will of the Trinity was not accomplished. Whatever you remember about Calvary, don't forget it was a finished work. We are accustomed to incomplete works. Rafael's funeral procession was headed by two men who preceded the casket bearing his great paining "Transfiguration" only half finished. Beethoven left us his "Unfinished Symphony"; Michelangelo left his unfinished sculpture "The Prisoners"; Kipling died leaving an unfinished novel which had built to a point of suspense. Christ finished His work.

The darkness is over, the cup has been drunk, the preciousblood shed, the law satisfied, and the wage of sin paid.


I.PROPHECY WAS FULFILLED Isaiah 53:5 "He was wounded for our..." (QUOTE)

At the Pascal Feast four cups were used. After the second, "the cup of redemption, the host, which at the last supper was Jesus, always spoke one word, TETALESTAEI.

In the O.T. there are two lines of prophecy, one related to His first coming and a second regarding His second coming. Just as surely as t ...

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