by Nelson Price

Synthetic Salvation
Nelson Price
Job 9:1, 20, 32-33

DAYSMAN = mediator, arbitrator, or go-between. There are two great questions in Job; Why do the righteous suffer? How can sinful man be holy and just with God?

Man is sinful. We no longer think of man as sinful but sick, not wicked, but weak. He is to be pitied but not blamed. For instance we hear: ''Take the keys out of your car so a good boy won't go wrong.'' In reality take the keys out of your car so some punk won't steal your car.

Trace your ancestry, it goes back to a crooked farmer and a drunk sailor. The farmer was Adam and the sailor Noah. God is HOLY. This word more clearly describes God than even the word ''love.'' Psalms 99:9 ''...the Lord our God is holy.''

God being holy and man unholy there is a chasm between God and man. The question is how can it be bridged? Satan has answered that question. It is the wrong answer but it is an answer. Satan wants to give the wrong answer to the right question.

Three of Job's friends gave him the wrong answers to the right questions. Satan always uses false religion. He used it in Eden. The devil is a master liar. The best lies are the closet to the truth. Which is more of a problem. a clock that is five hours off or one that is five minutes off.


There was an unidentified ''spirit'' that came to him. There was a presence in the room. The spirit gave Eliphaz religious information on how to be just with God. This was not the Holy Spirit, it was a demon spirit.

DEMONISM, or Satanic information was the first answer. ''In the latter days'' people will do the same. Many ''isms'' that ought to be ''wasms'' are giving demonic teachings. Jean Dixon is spoken of as a prophet. Where does she get her info. Not from herself. She isn't that smart. Nor from God, He isn't that dumb. It comes from the devil. The drug culture itself is a form of demonism. Drugs open the mind to mystical demonic e ...

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