by Nelson Price


Exodus 4: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST wants to enable you to live the victorious
Christian life. He wants to make it possible for you to be an
overcomer. He wants to give your life a supernatural dimension.
We evangelical Christians known as Baptists have wanted to avoid
offending anyone so badly that we have mutely let certain vocal
highly visible persons propagate certain improper teachings to
the point where they have become accepted by some of our members
and frightening to others. Therefore, I and others have in
keeping silent failed to address certain vital truths. One of
those relates to living a Spirit-filled life. When such an
expression is used some persons have such a frame of mind that
they immediately think of receiving "the baptism of the Holy
Ghost." That expression does not even occur in the Bible.
However, the Bible does urge us to be "filled with the Spirit."
That means yield your life to the mastery of Jesus Christ. Let
Him be the Lord of your life. I am not speaking of some radical
or sensational extreme but about the supernatural empowering
that will enable you to be an effective Spirit-empowered
witness, a stable Christian, a positive example in adversity,
and a consistent follower of Christ who daily lives a faith
walk. This is an appeal to you to yield yourself and your
substance to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
The study of the life of an O.T. character will reveal to us
some insights into what it means to yield to Christ.
God has just captured the attention of Moses by a bush that was
burning without being consumed.
Let's pick up the ...

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