by Nelson Price


Philippians 2: 5 - 11

JESUS CHRIST is Heaven's only worthy role model. He is the
prototype of what you are intended to be like. He is the perfect
pattern like which we should aspire to be. In considering Him to
be such we must not overlook the fact that He is much more than
that also. We can never externally conform to His image without
letting Him become our Saviour and seeking to serve Him as Lord.
He has to do an internal job on us before we can do an external
job for Him.
Phil. 2:5 exhorts believers: "Let this mind be in your which was
also in Christ Jesus." The position of the pronoun "this" lets
us know verses 2-4 explain what is meant by "this mind." In
those verses the mind of Christ is seen to be one of LOVE,
HUMILITY, and SERVICE. Now verses 6-11 give us an example of
these three qualities. Christ was a living model of these three
attitudes. If you want to see them lived to the fullest, look to
Christ. If you want to see a living example of what lifestyle
you should live look to Christ.
He "made Himself of no reputation" and "humbled Himself".
Before Bethlehem Jesus had existed in the eternal Heaven as
Deity. Paul spoke a great truth to young Timothy when he wrote:
"great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifested in the
flesh..." (I Tim. 3:16).
Phil. 2:6 - Christ is spoken of as "being in the form of God."
The word "form" translates the Greek word MORPHE, meaningHis
nature or essence. Thus, Christ is revealed in nature to be
actually God. Our form is that of homosapien, human beings. Our
nature is and ...

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