I WANT....I WANT....

by Nelson Price


Philippians 4: 10 - 13

JESUS CHRIST said: Matthew 6: 26 - 30.
Only those who believe can be content.
Paul said, "I have learned..." Literally, I have come to learn."
It described a new condition in his life. He had not always been
content. It may be true that at present you are not content. We
are thought to be discontent. You can learn to be content. We do
not spend enough time developing this inner quality.
Paul learned it so well he could sing at midnight in jail. On a
sinking ship he could say, "Be of good cheer."
First consider:
Let's begin by exposing what it is NOT.
It is not -
A. Complacency. A group called Staocis lived in Paul's day. They
believed they could do nothing about what happened to them so
why struggle. Their basic outlook was, "So what's the
B. Resignation. It is not a defeatist spirit. Don't anticipate
gaining contentment by changing your environment. To move a pear
tree into an apple orchard will not make it bear apples. It must
have a change of nature. To be content you must have a change of
C. Laziness. Don't try to glamorize laziness under the guise of
contentment. God no where and at no time endorses laziness.Such
a person is lacking motivation not possessing contentment.
It is:
A. It means to be independent of external circumstances because
of being dependent on Christ.
B. The word was used to describe a city needing no imports. Only
the fortress having a deep well abundant floor can survive a
long siege. Many persons try to find contentment by imp ...

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