by Nelson Price


I Corinthians 3: 9 - 15

JESUS CHRIST said, "I will build my church..."
As construction workers, Paul laid the foundation, that is he
established the church in Corinth. His skill was imparted to him
by the grace of God.
No other foundation, not even the Holy Spirit, only Jesus. You
can omit many things, such as, a roof, doors, and windows, and
still have a house, but you can't omit the foundation.
Jesus is all we could ask and all heaven could give.
Apollos built on that foundation, he led in its growth.
The saints who comprised the membership are the super-structure
- "Ye are God's building."
Vs. 9 - "Laborers together with" - genitive case - meaning we
are God's employees.
Vs. 10b - "Let every many take heed how he buildeth..."
There is ONE foundation only, Christ - "no other foundation can
any man lay."
Some great truth discovered by a preacher won't do.
The foundation is already laid. Jesus: "Upon this rock..." The
"rock" was the person Peter had just confessed Christ to be. The
foundation supports the super-structure.The stability of the
foundation determines the endurance of the super-structure.
Everything built on the foundation will ultimately be tested.
II Cor. 5:10 - "For we must all appear before the judgement seat
of Christ..."
This is a judgement involving Christians only and refers not to
salvation but judgement of our works.
Now follows a contrast in value and permanence.
As houses we meet the building code so spiritual work must stand
Vs. 13 - "Every man's work" - every person separately.
Vs, 1 ...

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