by Nelson Price


I Timothy 1: 5

JESUS CHRIST said, " one another..."
He also said, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God..."
Some years later one of His immature young followers wrote to
give insight as to the fountain head of love. As a refreshing
fountain has to have a source of love, so he used that principle
to illustrate the origin of love in a life.
Once while flying out of Cairo, I was impressed by a large dark
area in that vast expanse of sandy desert. As we neared it I
could tell it was vegetation. Upon inquiring, I learned the
government had drilled for oil and had simply dug a very
expensive water well. The water was conserved and used to
irrigate this region of about one square mile in size. All they
did was let the water be dispersed over the dry sand and
vegetation sprung up. For centuries the seed had been collecting
needing only water to grow.
We live in a spiritually dry and thirsty world needing love. You
can be that fountain of love. I beg you, don't be a mirage.
The meaning of the word "love" needs to be established before
considering its source. AGAPE is the Greek word translated love.
It speaks of full loyalty to God and boundless good will to
Love prompts us to let go of whatever we are holding to and
latching on to God. Let go and latch on. There is no good in
holding on to anything in time of a storm if it isn't tied down.
The only row and sure anchor is Jesus Christ. To love Him
meansto let go of the unanchored objects offered by the world
and latching on to Him.
Three characteristics of the foundation of love are mentioned:

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