by Nelson Price


Ephesians 6:4

JESUS CHRIST used earthly terms to help us understand heavenly
truths. In an attempt to help us in our human nature understand
the heavenly nature of God, He sought and used a common title
and relationship. He selected to term "Father."
The role of the father in modern American homes has deteriorated
and been depreciated so badly that it is difficult for some
children to consider God the Father as loving, good and kind. In
many homes the paternal image does not evoke the image of a
faithful, consistent, gracious God who mixes mercy and justice.
In using the term to help us understand God the Father, He has
given us a means whereby we can better understand the intended
role of fathers. For any person to understand their intended
role, they would do well do seek to understand God the Father.
A Baylor University coed said, "I am making an intensive study
of God, not so much in order to simply understand Him better,
but to understand myself better for I am told that I am created
in His image.
In challenging dads directly, I want to appeal to all persons to
make application of these three factors.
Every person has aspirations. It is imperative that we properly
evaluate our lives, determine our priorities, and commit
ourselves and our resources to achieving our best.
Flight #401 from New York to Miami was making its approach to
Miami when it was noticed that a very important signal light had
not come on indicating the landing gear was in place. The pilot
rapidly gained altitude and the crew began to search for the
cause. As the enti ...

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