by Nelson Price


JAMES 4: 7 - 10

JESUS CHRIST, the resurrected Lord of new life, said to the
church in Philadelphia, in ancient Greece, that which is
applicable to our church today: "I have set before thee an open
door, and no man can shut it..." (Revelation 3:8).
Together, we the redeemed of the Lord who constitute the
membership of this fellowship are called "the church". What is
applicable to the church is related to the individual.
First, a word about us. Then a word about you. For how you
respond affects all of us, the church.
God has set before us an "open door" of opportunity. Within the
months seven dramatic challenges are going to be presented to
this body for action. Many churches don't deal with this many
things of importance in a decade. Some ever.
The Lord is swinging wide the door of opportunity for us to take
bold dramatic steps of ministry and service. In His wisdom He is
choosing to challenge our faith. In His love He is granting us
an opportunity to thing big and act bold. No person can shut the
door. We can with cowering and timid spirit fail to go through
it. Our negative nature can cause us to question and quibble. We
alone can cause what the Lord has in mind to fail. We are often
our own worst enemies.
If we are going to be ready to consider moving as a body through
the open door in this new year we need to be ready spiritually.
James 4: 7-10 lists some steps of preparation we each needto
take. Therefore, now comes the practical personal part of this
new year's challenge.
To be ready to go through the open door of opportunity there
must be:

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