by Nelson Price

Nelson Price
I THESS. 1: 2, 3

"Remembering". Paul had only spent three weeks with them but
they made a lasting impression. You are doing the same.
A.Faith. Every person has faith. The issue is "in what?" We
either have positive or negative faith. That is, we either have
faith in possibilities or impossibilities, in ideas that make us
victims rather than masters.
Far from lacking faith modern persons have a surplus of it. The
former dictator of Italy, Mussolini said, "The capacity of
modern man to believe is unbelievable." A person can no more run
away from the faith factor than he can run away from his own
legs. Persons either have faith in anarchy or democracy,
astrology or rabbit's feet, in one economic system or another,
in one athletic team or another, in unselfishness or
self-indulgence as a way of happiness, in materialism or God.
Faith is the most potent drug on the market. If a person says he
will have no faith then the policy of no faith is what he has
faith in. It is necessary to exhort persons to have faith.
Everyone has faith. The issue is in what to place it.
ITS SOURCE"Faith cometh by hearing..."
ITS STANDARD"The just shall live by faith" (Rom 1:16,17) ITS
SIMPLICITY"For by grace are ye saved..." (Eph. 2:8,9)
Authentic faith results in an absorption with Jesus Christ. Such
radical faith transforms our character to that of Christ.
Our ambitions, aspirations, and allegiance are
A friend once wrote Turgenev: "It seems to me that to put
oneself in second place is the whole significance of life." His
reply, "It seems to me to discover what to put before oneself,

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