by Nelson Price


LUKE 6:38

JESUS CHRIST said to His disciples, "Freely ye have received,
freely give!" (Matthew 10:8).
Jesus Christ spoke to the legalists of His hour and commended
them for the meticulous manner of tithing by saying, "Tis ye
ought to have done" (Matthew 23:23).
Jesus Christ never condemned the careful stewardship reflected
in tithing.
Nowhere in the N.T. does it hint that a believer should give
less than one tenth. Jesus did not die on the cross so that we
could do and give less instead of more.
Christian giving finds its motives, objectives, and dimensions
in ones personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Christian stewardship flows from an understanding of what Christ
has done for us.
Jesus told a story of a widow giving a coin representing the
smallest currency of the day. It was, however, all she had. Of
her He said, "She has given all she had. Even her living." That
is allness. We may not be able to give as large amount as
another but we should give as much as the other - all.
A little girl gathered with friends to tell her former pastor
and his wife farewell as they left for the mission field. The
barefooted, ill-clad child waited for her moment to gain the
attention of the wife. Embarrassed she said, "I wish I had
something to give you." Reply, "Give me your love and that will
make me very happy."
The child lifted her left hand and on it was a worthless little
ring. As her right hand began to remove it, she said, "This is
all I have. My mother gave it to me. I love it but I love you so
much more than I love the ring that I want you to have ...

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