by Nelson Price


EPHESIANS 1: 25-23

JESUS CHRIST terrorized hell when He arose from the grave. He
calmed the fears of His followers. He gave hope, glory, and
power to all who trusted Him. Of that scared and scattered band
He pledged to build His church.
There is no way to account for the emergence of the church other
than the resurrection. The fact of the resurrection is asserted
by the existence of the church. The existence of the church is
proof of the resurrection.
EKKLESIA = church, appears 144 times in the N.T. In
approximately 100 of those uses, it refers to a local church.
The word means, "the called out assembly."
The concept of the church universal as being the only form of
"the church" is a lie out of hell. It is intended to weaken the
local church and thus try to defuse the power of God in a
Without the sun local, there is no sun universal. So it is true
of the church.
The concept of the "house church" is also a counterfeit of
Satan. It is true the N.T. church began in houses but they soon
outgrew them as a result of complying with the Great Commission.
Just as we were born in a certain form as an infant, so the
church had a small beginning. We have changed bodily and so has
the present era N.T. church.
The local church is made up of many members. It took power for
the young church to com ...

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