by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 6: 33 - 34

JESUS CHRIST said, "Put first things first." That is, get your
priorities in life straight. Failure to do so is the main cause
of problems.
We are living enactments of a modern principle. A loving
groom-to-be purchases an engagement ring for his beloved. It is
worth $5,000. The jeweler gives him an inexpensive little velvet
covered box in which to place it. Upon receipt of the gift the
bride expressed appreciation but never opens the box. Days later
she sees her fiance' again and tells him how much she is
enjoying the box but makes no reference to the ring. She has not
even opened the box in order to enjoy its valuable content.
Many people are living out that illustration. They are putting
much stress on the outward appearance without realizing the real
value inside. Thus, they groom, feed, and care for the outward
but neglect their inner self. Such persons have their priorities
in reverse.
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God," that is, the rule of God in
your life. Let Jesus be Lord of your life. He is Lord but may
not be allowed to rule in your life.
A question why He should be given authority over life. It is
because of WHO He is. Prophecy identifies Him as the promised
Messiah, the Deliverer.
If you were to put 10 identical coins in your pocket numbered 1
through 10, the chances of reaching in and pulling out the coin
numbered 1 first are 1 out of 10. The chances of pullingout 1
and 2 in order are 1 in 20. With each number the odds go up 10
times. Thus, the likelihood of pulling out 1 through 20 in order
would be 1 in 10 billion ...

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