by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 13: 33 - 35

JESUS CHRIST used words to form images on minds just as an
artist uses colors to create impressions on canvas. By using
simple stories known as parables He told us what he kingdom is
LIKE. Note, what it is like not what it is. An artist can't
paint water. He can give the color and illusion of light and
help us envision water. (Story of Meridith making the Sandman
children look wet with a stroke of the brush). So Christ used
parables like a compass is used to guide a ship as it glides
across an ocean of truth. His teachings keep us on course.
He knew we could never fully comprehend the splendor, grandeur,
wonder, and power of the kingdom but He did desire for us to
catch a glimpse. A great truth can never be fully told. A faint
star becomes visible when we look a little from it not directly
at it. The kingdom is better understood when we look at the
parables illustrating it.
It has been said that the key to the Bible is Matthew; the key
to Matthew is the 13th chapter; the key to the 13th chapter is
verse 33.
Every passage in the Bible has only one interpretation. Each may
have many applications. Interpretation and application should
never be confused. First let's look at the --
The term "leaven" is used 75 times in the O.T. and 23 in the
N.T. It is always used in a bad sense. To understand the reason
for the use of the term "leaven" one needs to know what it is.
Itis sour dough which works like yeast. Our grandparents use to
keep a bit of sour dough out of each batch as they made bread of
biscuits to be used as a s ...

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