by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 13: 1-9 & 19-23

JESUS CHRIST told a story about you. One of the facets of it
includes each of us.
Jesus went out of the house in Capernium to the seaside. The
crowd of people was so great that He got in a boat and pushed
out a bit from the shore.
He used a different teaching style on this occasion called a
parable. This was evidently one of His first times to do so
because the disciples asked, "Why speakest thou unto them in
parables?" The answer is found in verses 11-17.
Many had become critical of Him. From them He could conceal the
meaning of His teaching while revealing it to those who believed
in Him.
To him that hath shall be given. A person with appreciation for
opera will appreciate it. Having an appreciation enables one to
get the meaning and value from it. The same is true of
country-western music, of appetites for special foods, and of
art, as well as things spiritual.
The mountains slope up ever so gradually from the shores of the
Galilee. They are fertile farm lands. Looking up Jesus could
gesture to a farmer at work in the field sowing seed. With this
visual aid He began to teach. All elements of the parable were
SEED = the Word of God. It is always good seed.
SOIL = the souls of people. The soil varies. It is not always
SOWER = The Christian witness. Seeds from a young inexperienced
sower are just as good as those from a seasoned farmer. It is
the seed not the sower that is effectual. Jeane Millite's
painting of the SOWER depicts him as alone at work on a big
Obse ...

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