by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 13: 51, 52

JESUS CHRIST concluded His teaching on the kingdom with a post
script of a parable. This summary parable is intended to pull
all the loose ends of this teaching session together.
What He said to the disciples is true of all of His followers in
the present day. He referred to them as "Scribes". What is the
role of a Scribe? The O.T. origin of the office explains what
Christ had in mind for His followers. When Israel returned from
Babylonian captivity they had permission to rebuild the temple
and city wall.
Nehemiah reveals that they first needed to rebuild the spiritual
life of the people. Wood was used to build a pulpit for Ezra
(Neh. 8, first reference to a pulpit). From the pulpit he was to
explain the scripture. He was first called a scribe in fitting
this role.
Jesus is saying that we are to be persons who explain and
interpret the Scripture to others by our lifestyle.
In order for non-believers to understand how the Bible relates
to their lives, Christ allows His followers to experience the
same problems and challenges as non-believers. The believer's
life is to be an example of how to solve problems using God's
formula as revealed in Scripture. The purpose for this is to
attract people to Him.
If a believer responds to adversity like a non-believer, they
are not attracted to Christ.
Believers are to be interpreters of Scripture.
Suchinterpretation is to be based on the lifestyle.
Believers are being trained for the kingdom. The Kingdom of God
is God working in our life situations. Christians are intended
to ...

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