by Nelson Price

A Living Memorial
Nelson Price
Matthew 26:6-13

JESUS CHRIST was living on death row when at a dinner with friends Mary, the sister of Lazarus broke an expensive bottle of perfume over His head and feet. She then wiped His feet with her hair.

Judas was joined by the other disciples in complaining of the waste and criticizing her. Jesus defended her act and said, "Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her."

What a tribute! What a memorial!

In this season when a day of memorial is observed in tribute to our nation's war dead, it is appropriate that the Christian community should evaluate memorials.

In April 1863, in Columbus, Mississippi after decorating graves of her two sons, an elderly woman walked to two mounds at the corner of the cemetery. "What are you doing? Those are the graves of two Union soldiers." The reply, "I know. I also know that somewhere in the North, a mother or a young wife mourns for them as we do for ours." That little band of ladies set in motion what became Memorial Day.

Memorials are appropriate. Especially those that pay tribute to Christ rather than a person.

DAYS are often set aside as memorials. Regarding His miraculous deliverance of His people from bondage, the Lord established the PASSOVER and said of it: "This day shall be unto you for a memorial..." (Ex. 12:15).

The Lord's Supper was similarly intended so that we should do it, "In remembrance of me..." said Jesus.

BOOKS often record memorable deeds. Joshua's victory over Amalek, the Lord commissioned the people to, "Write this for a memorial in a book..." (Exodus 17:14).

PLACES also become memorials. The Lord said of the tabernacle, "That it be a memorial unto the children of Israel" (Exodus 30:16).

Three years ago this membership built this house of ...

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