by Nelson Price


I PETER 3: 18 - 22

JESUS CHRIST's resurrection from the dead is the pivotal point
around which many major truths revolve. It is a guarantee given
by God the Father that He approved the work of the Son and loves
us enough to allow us access to Himself through Christ.
So much truth is compactly associated with Christ's resurrection
that it is little wonder our minds get challenged considering
Some confusion is associated with it. In trying to understand
some of the deep mysteries of the resurrection it is expedient
to deal with one of the most difficult passages in the Bible.
Art Linkletter's story of the little child asked the meaning of
Easter. Reply: "It was when Jesus came out of the tomb, looked
around and didn't see His shadow and went back inside for three
One frequently asked questions is: "Where was Jesus those three
days His body was in the tomb?" Before relating to that, let's
establish one basic fact. Some interpretations of the passage
before us imply people have a second chance to be saved after
death. This is a cruel false deception designed by the devil. It
is not a Scriptural principle that any person has a second
chance after death.
Let's make clear the one and only one chance any person has for
salvation. Vs. 18, says that Christ died "that He might bringus
to God" = PROSAGO. From PROSAGO two nouns are derived. One means
"the right of access." Through Christ we have the "right of
access" to God. The other noun means "introducer" or "the giver
of access." Hence, Christ is represented as the one who gives us
access to G ...

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