by Nelson Price

Something in Which to Believe
Nelson Price
Romans 8:1-6

JESUS CHRIST offers hope. He gives a viable alternative to defeat, despair and depression. He is one worthy of our trust who offers us something in which to believe.

To people stripped of strength, robbed or reason, and void of victory He extends a loving hand of help. He who embodied truth shared truths that transform lives.

Upon passing Columbia University our guide gestured toward the bars across the street and said: "Each four years they have a new clientele. They come here their first year as Democrats, their second year they are Republicans, their third year they are Communists and by their fourth they are so confused they don't know what they are. By the time they are 35 or 40 most of them have found something they can believe in." Have you?An early American statesman stated: "He who stands for nothing will fall for anything." Currently this describes the plight of many. Have you ever sat down and just said to yourself, "This I believe."

Regrettably all too many can say with Edward St. Vincent Benay: "I must keep on living but I forget just now why." What is your purpose for living? Schweitzer said: "Only in my quietest moments can I determine what life is all about."

It is my prayer that persons will be motivated in these moments to personally review their lives and conclude that there are certain basics worth living by and dying for... Thus, determine you have something in which to believe.

With the dark clouds on the horizons of our tomorrows it is not safe to look into the future except through eyes of faith. Do you have a faith for living?

In evaluating what you believe, I commend to you...

Out text refers to persons "in Christ Jesus." Who is this Christ Jesus in whose sphere of influence and dominance we are urged to be? Isaiah asked, "To whom, then, will you compare God? What image will you compare Him to? (Isaiah 40:18).

No h ...

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