by Nelson Price


JOHN 4: 31 - 38

JESUS CHRIST said, "Lift up your eyes, and look upon the fields;
for they are white already unto harvest."
In the Bible land when a wheat field was viewed from a distance
if it had a white cast it meant the grain was nearly overripe
and must be harvested at once. If it were not it was in danger
of being lost. Thus, Christ summarily spoke of the condition of
the lost of the world.
The world at which we look is in the mire of misery, the pit of
pain, the hubble of hunger, and the cesspool of sin.
Christians in the 20th Century have misunderstood the intent of
Christ. We have talked much about doing mission work. We have
spoken of missions. We are not merely to fund and do missionary
work through our proxies known as missionaries in distant
places, we are on mission. The talk of reaching the lost has
been assigned to every believer by Jesus Christ.
A. The Command of Christ Compels us. (Matthew 28: 19, 20)
"As you are going...make disciples." This is a participle with
imperative force, a command, to do it.
There is an urgent need to knowledgeably share your faith.
"CWT". Charles Peace, an Englishman, was arrested, tried,
convicted, and sentenced to death for crimes he had committed. A
chaplain accompanied him to the gallows reading from the N.T.
Peace said, "If I believed in the gospel, I would crawl across
England on broken glass on my hands and knees to tell men it
The Lord doesn't call upon us to do so but He has commanded us
to stand up and speak up.
B. The Condition of the World Constrains U ...

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