by Nelson Price

The Night the Curtain Went Up
Nelson Price
Luke 2:1 ; John 1:1 and 14

Jesus Christ is the play. The world is His stage. The drama of scene one occurred in Bethlehem. The purpose is to dramatically reveal the love of God for His universal audience. Simply stated the purpose of what we call Christmas was an expressive effort on behalf of God to demonstrate to you His great love for you. Within that love He offers the way of life, the potential of peace, the release from guilt, the strategy for stability, the
hope of happiness and the means for managing your life constructively. He put a window in the tiny dark dungeon of our ego in which we wallow, to let in light, provide a vista, and offer release from the slavery of our flesh and the fury of our self-will into what the Apostle Paul, who experienced it, called "the glorious liberty of the children of God" (Romans 8:21). If you suffer from servitude to the flesh and tyranny of self-will, I have good news for you. To all lonely souls, who seek a hand to hold, even if all others have been withdrawn, the birth of Christ is special for you. To more fully understand who it is that loves you, and how He wants to relate to you, read John 1:1 and 14.
In John 1, verses 2 thru 13, each verse links with another verse. In verse 1, “In the beginning was the word...” links with verse 14, “and the word became flesh.” John chose the Greek word, LOGOS, to help us understand who was born in Bethlehem. LOGOS is translated "Word". A word is an expression of one’s self, it is a revelation made, and it gives meaning. This usage is better understood in John's opening passage, which closely parallels to Genesis 1 where each new phase there begins with "and God said." Each statement was a fuller revelation of God. The use of LOGOS indicates Jesus was the outward revelation of God. He was the “God-man.” It is as much of a miracle to see Jesus as God and man as it is to see Mary as virgin and mother. As man alone, Jesu ...

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