by Curt Dodd

What on Earth Am I Here For?
Curt Dodd
Jeremiah 29:11

I'm starting a new series called ''Bull's Eye Living''. And today I want to address the question 'Why on earth am I here?', which is one of the things I hear from many of you. What am I here for? What is life all about? Or if I was to ask you a question - Why do you think you are here? Here is what some of you have said: ''I don't know - it's an accident. My parents didn't intend to have me.'' Why are you here? ''I don't know, I've never thought about it.''

What's your role in life? What are you all about? ''Grow up, breath, pay taxes, and die.'' Bull's eye living. Imagine a bull's eye, you know one of the targets an archer uses. And there are all these different layers and the goal of an archer is to hit the center space. And what I'm suggesting is that in Bull's Eye living you've got all these things that surround your life, whether it be friends, school, family, whether it be partying, whatever you're into. But at the center of that target would be your relationship with God. And what I want to do over the next few weeks is I want to talk to you about what it means to have 'Bull's Eye' living. What does it mean to live for God? I know some of you are very interested and some of you are not, you're kind of more checking out what God is all about. But I want to paint a picture for you of what it would look like if you were a bull's eye 'liver'. If you targeted living after God. One of the problems that we have today is that there are so many other things that capture our attention. It is difficult to focus on God. By the nature of me holding up the one-minute Bible and asking how many of you read it this year and just a few hands go up - Do you know that last January we sold 275 of these to people in our group and that in a given year only a handful people can say that they have read it throughout the whole year. Why? Because it's tough to keep focus. It's not tough reading, it is in an easy transla ...

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