by Curt Dodd

It is Finished
Curt Dodd

We are now nearing the conclusion of the scene at the cross. The events of the last six hours have been arduous, difficult, painful. They have literally opened the back of Jesus with that cat of nine tails, and after unbelievable agony that led from the Garden through denial, through betrayal, through the dispersion of His disciples. Jesus is led through a kangaroo court, the final verdict is given to an innocent man; guilty of nothing. But to appease the cry of the religious during that day, the Romans carry out the judgment of crucifixion. There they lay Him down on that old rugged cross and they nail spikes in His hands and in His feet. Then they drop Him into that hole with a thug. And then for the next six hours there is agony, there is suffering, there is a promise of forgiveness as Jesus cried out, ''Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.''

There is that word of responsibility as Jesus looks to Mary and then looks to John and says, ''Woman, behold Thy son.'' And then to John as He says, ''Son, behold Thy mother.''

There is that word of salvation as one of the thieves stops railing at Him and says, ''Jesus, remember me when you come into Your kingdom.'' And Jesus looks to him and says, ''Today, you will be with Me in paradise.''

The scriptures are kind for they do not fully share the suffering that Jesus experienced. But in those last moment He cries out, ''I am thirsty.'' And refusing the first drink, a painkiller, here in the last moments, the last minutes, seconds if you will, Jesus is given a soothing drink.

And now, one last cry before one final word. John 19, specifically verse 30, shares with us three words, the sixth of the seven last words. ''When He had received the drink, Jesus said, ''It is finished. With that He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.''

This word, It is finished, is indeed one word. One Greek word, tetelastai. It is a Greek word that is the key word as one co ...

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