by Curt Dodd

Finding What You Are Looking For
Luke 15: 1-24

As you look at scripture, you can't help but see that everything Jesus did was
to present the character of God. How he healed people, how he touched people,
and even how he taught people described the character and nature of God. Today
we're going to look at the entire chapter of Luke 15. Luke 15 is a description,
a beautiful description, of the character of God. I want you to understand the
scenario. I'm going to give you the Cliff Notes and then we're going to focus
in on a couple of key verses for our study today. Jesus overheard some teachers
of the law, some Pharisees, castigate Him for spending time with "sinners". You
see, there was a dichotomy between the religious crowd as well as the secular
crowd, and ne'er the twain should meet. And that's the vacuum in which Jesus
came. And to be able to speak to them, for them to fully understand who God
was, He told three parables. They were told all together. They were a trilogy.
One right after the other - bang, bang, bang. And in them, He weaves four
critical threads for us today. The first story He told them was of a
shepherd who had a hundred sheep. One of them got lost. He left 99 of them
with a team of shepherds (that's how they used to herd sheep, even today they do
that), and that one shepherd went out to look for that one sheep. He found that
one sheep, brought the sheep back on his shoulders, and called a party of
shepherds to celebrate the finding of that one sheep.
Then He quickly moves to tell a story about a woman who had a necklace
of ten coins. Ten coins were very important, symbolic of a diary often, of
faithfulness of a wife. And something happened. The coins were scattered. She
found nine, she lost one of them. And she began to look all night. She finally
found that coin, called her friends, they had a house party, and celebrated with
a bunch of ladies that she found that co ...

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