by Curt Dodd

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Living To Please God
Curt Dodd
I Thessalonians 4 And 5

If you will, I want you to take your Bibles and turn to I Thessalonians
chapter 4. We are on the downhill slide now of I Thessalonians. In fact, this
may be the last sermon from I Thessalonians. It goes two chapters, but on the
other hand I've got to tell you, it's 13 or 14 points, so I may not be able to
make it all the way through tonight. It just depends on how much you interrupt
me, or when I look at you I'll realize just how much I need to preach to you.
I'm not sure which if either will come, but I do know that there are some great
thoughts in here. In I Thessalonians chapter 4 Paul begins in these last two
chapters to talk to the children of God as he writes there in Thessalonica about
how to please God. So if you were going to title this message tonight it would
be simply this: Living to Please God. The other day I was talking to one of my
sons and he said, "You know Dad, the Lord has just given me two words that I
think should describe my life." I said, "Really. What are those two words?"
You never know what your student is going to say to you. He said, "Who cares."
I said, "O.K. More?" He said, "You know, sometimes we dress as students so
that we please somebody else so they will think we are cool. But the real
question is who cares? We ought to be dressing to please God." I said, "Man,
that's good. You got more?" He said, "Yeah!" and he began to go through a
diatribe of all kinds of different things we could answer "who cares" and the
whole focus was that you and I just need to be living to please God. It doesn't
make any difference what anybody does, it doesn't make any difference if how we
live bothers the governor or messes with anybody else, we just need to live to
please God. Those are the themes if you will, or the central theme of the last
two chapters. In fact, why don't you think about that as we start reading in
ve ...

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