by Curt Dodd

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Why People Give
Part I

Isn't it a wonderful thing what God is doing in music today? I
don't know if you understand what's going on; but all across
Christendom music is moving away from singing about how great
God is and moving to the place of singing to the Lord and
telling Him personally. That's what real worship is all about
and that's probably what you sense when we sing choruses that
speak, "Thou Are Worthy". The songs like Nancy is singing, "I
Keep Coming Back to You." You see, religion is man talking
about God. A relationship really is what Christianity is all
about. Man talking to God and God talking to man. It's an
individual, it's a very personal thing. We are fortunate to be
living in a generation where people are learning what it really
means to seriously walk with God. What about you right now
where you are? What is God trying to teach you and show you?

I want to share something with you. This morning I'm going to
take a hiatus from our Home Improvement Series for two weeks to
deal with two different areas that are very, very important in
our lives, the two areas that we have a tendency to hide from
God. To say, "Lord, I love you, I trust you with my eternal
life, but the two areas that I really guard the most, Lord, are
my money and my time." Because it seems like those are the
only two things I can really control. But God wants us to learn
what it really means to trust Him in every area of our lives.
I've been using Oswald Chambers, MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST, for
several years in fact I got excited about it although I've had a
copy of it for many years, it's only been a couple of years n ...

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