by Curt Dodd

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Why People Give Part II

This morning I would likto to talk to you about the possibility
of talking to someone about being trained, being utilized and
using your gifts in the area of teaching. If you are
interested, I pray that you would make yourself available, put
your name and telephone number on the card and maybe the area of
ministry that you feel inclined to be open toward. Someone will
call you. I want you to know that we would never, ever put you
in a ministry area where you were not trained and fully
prepared. Maybe you've never taught before but that's okay,
God's people can always be trained as long as God has placed on
your heart a desire to teach, a desire to lead.
Let me just give you a couple of glimpses of the kind of worker
positions that we have available in our Sunday School
Organization for next year. In fact, this is about an average
number of opportunities that we have. If you wanted to serve in
the Adult Area, there are about 32 positions, we need 3
directors, 5 teachers, 2 associate directors, 3 secretaries, 9
inreach leaders and 10 outreach leaders which is 32 that are
spread across our 3 different Sunday Schools. If you wanted to
work in one of our Single Adult Departments, or in a Single
Adult Ministry, in one of those Sunday Schools, we need 3
teachers, 1 associate director, and 1 outreach leader. So there
are 5 spots where you can serve in the Single Adult Ministry.
If you wanted to serve in the Youth Area there are only 4
positions open, we need 2 directors and 2 teachers that will be
spread out within our 3 different Sunday Schools. In the
Children's and Preschool Areas, which happen to b ...

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