by Curt Dodd

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Part VI
Have you ever tried to be the one and you just didn't have
enough strength to pull it off, well, that's exactly where a lot
of us live. We really want to serve God and we really want to
have the power to be the one, but somehow, it just seems like
our mind makes promises that our body and our mouth cannot
fulfill. The same is true with a Christian Life, inside of our
hearts we really want to stand for Christ, we really want to
count for Jesus. But if we seek to do it in our own strength,
we will be the zero, do you know what I'm saying? It just won't

The Names of God that we've been looking at week after week, for
over a month now, draw our attention to who God is especially
when we're not that. The key to the Christian Life is to lean
so much on the Lord Jesus Christ that you don't try to be the
one in your own power, in your own strength, but rather you
realize who God is and you recognize who He is, and you
acknowledge your inadequacies and your inability in your flesh
to accomplish it and to see yourself and your life hidden in
Christ and in God, and then as you understand who He is by how
He reveals Himself to you through His word, and through the very
names that He describes Himself, you allow Him to be the one
that other's need through your life. That's what the Christian
Life is about. It is the Christ Life, not your life doing
something wonderful for Jesus and taking credit so you can give
a testimony to somebody in some place and go on the road and
talk about how wonderful you have been for God. It always
unnerves me a little bit when I hear somebody pat themselves on

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