by Curt Dodd

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Part V
Do you know much about sheep? I do. In fact, for three years,
I was pastor of First Baptist Church in Eden. You know I don't
know why they called it First Baptist, because it was the only
Baptist Church, but i guess it was still first. In Eden, Texas,
there is in Concho County, there are more sheep per capita than
any other place in the State of Texas. So I had the privilege
and the honor of pastoring a lot of rancher-shepherds. So I
know a little bit about sheep. One of the first times I had a
chance to ride around with one of the ranchers in their pickup
truck, we always had to take a shot gun in case there were
quail, turkeys or something else that needed killing, and I
would always be riding shotgun for that kind of purpose.

It was in the North Part of San Angelo, Texas and smack dab half
way out into the mud was a dead sheep and I thought to myself,
man, how in the world did that sheep die? I looked at my
friend, John Stevens, and I said, "John, how'd that happen?
Can't sheep swim, it seems like he would have gotten out of
there." And he said, "What happened was without any question,
that sheep got stuck in the mud, and died." He said, "You know,
sheep are born into the world looking for a place to die, they
don't have a lot of will. But one thing's for sure, they will
either get out of the mud or they will die trying to get out of
the mud."

The Bible tells us that one of the analogies that God uses of
us, as His children, happens to be sheep. It's a very
wonderful, beautiful relationship. You need to understand the
Eastern culture when it comes to sheep and shepherds.

In this ...

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