by Curt Dodd

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Part IV

If you will, take your Bibles, grab hold of them. Let me tell you
a couple of important things that I think are very critical for
our understanding as a church.
Before we get into tonight's study, I want you to know that as a
church body, we exist for a twofold purpose.

Number one (1), we exist to reach people for Christ, to touch
the totally secular guy with a gospel of Christ and lead him to
faith in Jesus. Once that person has been lead to faith in
Christ, it is our desire to help mature him, and grow him into a
radical believer. Theoretically and practically it is easy to
accept that, say, "Yeah, that's what we are about!" But
sometimes there is not a plan and many, even in business plans,
people open up businesses and say, "Hey, we want to open up a
new business." Sometimes there is not a plan to get the
objective accomplished. Here is how our objective works, to
reach people for Christ, our whole goal is that weekend worship
services would be so sensitive to the totally lost guy, that he
could come in on Saturday night or Sunday morning and say, "Hey,
that's a different kind of church. What they are saying there
and how they act there and what they give there makes me wonder
and makes me open to whatever God has in store for my life."

We want more than anything else for our weekend worship services
to present the gospel in a clear fashion and in a palatal way to
people who don't know Christ. So that means that our weekend
worship services, what we are trying to do as pastor and staff
and key church leaders is to create a worship service on the
weekend that touches the lost guy who is sitt ...

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