by Curt Dodd

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You be praying for our choir as they prepare for the Easter
Pageant which is just a couple of weeks away. It's just around
the corner, be in prayer for Friend Weekend and I pray that this
weekend that you'll be bringing friends more than any other
thing, that's what we are about. You pray for me as I begin a
brand new series on Relationships that Last, as I look through
and teach word-for-word, verbatim and apply it to our lives out
of I Corinthians Chapter 13. Well, here we are, I just want to
take one brief moment and tell you, tell the folks who are in
our drama team, I just want to tell you, you guys are great.
Troy, I don't know about you, but man, I feel like God's kept
you out of Hollywood to keep you right here for us. Troy and
Barbie and John and his whole team who are involved in the drama
ministry, it makes the application of God's word come alive and
so applicable to our live and I don't know about you but I love
those skits that make it come alive.

But tonight we want to look at God's Word and see it come alive
right where we are. When we understand who God is, when we
fully understand who He really is, we will find ourself more
comfortable in His presence and when we understand all the
areas that He describes, that He has control over, when you
begin to remember what His names are, you'll begin to realize
there is not any battle, there is not any problem, there is not
anything that you can go through in any area of your life that
God has not revealed Himself as all sufficient, all powerful and
omnipotent in your life for whatever that need is. The
scripture gives us about twelve dif ...

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