by Curt Dodd

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I don't know about you, and I personally hope that no one
misunderstands me, but I'd rather miss the weekend than miss
Wednesday night. Do you know what I'm saying? If you don't,
ask somebody next to you who'se been here a couple of nights.
There is just something special about when believers join
together to honor God and to praise Him and to adore Him that in
this meeting where there is not the preponderance about what we
look like or what we wear, where it's just believers, I suppose,
the majority overwhelmingly are here to honor God and to take a
step further into His word. In our journey to learn more about
His word, in the last message that I will speak to you
concerning this issue of whole-hearted worship, I want to speak
to you about the Names of God.

Now honestly, I could probably go for another twelve to fifteen
weeks on worship, in fact we'll probably come back later in the
days to come and talk at different times about what worship is
all about for it's based upon the Word of God and it's more than
experiential feelings that ebb and flow. It is when hearts are
turned to the Father that we really understand exactly what He
desires us to grasp and mature in. Part of that happens to be
how He has revealed Himself to us through the Word of God, the
Bible, and in the Bible, He speaks of Himself and others speak
of Him with different Names.

There are twelve of them that I want to share with you and the
notes from last week are kind of caught up in kind of a skeleton
form, so allow me to quickly reiterate those. Before I do,
allow me to read to you a heart passion, Psalm 61, David the ...

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