by Curt Dodd

Exodus 20:16
"You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor."
I am glad that you are here today, maybe you came in with
hearing the title, or seeing it one of the marquees thinking,
"The pastor will tell all today." Well, I will, I'll tell you
everything that God wants me to tell you concerning the Word of
God, concerning this area that we have so many problems with.

Have you ever had sung to you when you were a small child the
line, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Or recently has your husband
or wife looked at you and said, "You know, you wouldn't know the
truth if it hit you." If we're honest, that covers all of us.
This is a great day for honesty. The issue of truth telling is
in a crises mode in our land.
A recent survey indicated that sixty-six percent of Americans
admit that they tell lies on a regular basis. And of that
survey, only thirty-one percent agreed with the statement that
honesty is the best policy, can you believe that? Well,
hopefully you can, even more sadly, Leonard Keeler, the inventor
of the Lie Detector Machine, having tested over
twenty-five-thousand people has said, "Human beings are
basically deceptive."

By the way, this is not something that has just happened over
night, we haven't just started telling lies to each other. Did
you know that lying is such a difficult problem in ancient
Greece, that there were heavy, heavy fines that were served on
individuals who were convicted of false witness? In fact, if a
man was convicted of perjury three times, he lost all of his
civil rights. In Rome, a dishonest witness was hurled headlong
from the top of Tarpeian Rock. In a ...

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