by Curt Dodd

Exodus 20:14
"You shall not commit adultery."
The word for adultery is a generic term that covers all the
realms of sexual misconduct. It is a description of pleasing
the sexual desires of the flesh outside the realms of Godly
guidelines. God's plan is for one man, one woman, in the
boundaries and commitments of marriage, to enjoy each other.
Sex is a creation of God. Don't we have a great God?

Unfortunately, the call of Jeremiah 23:10 is true this day:
"The land is full of adulterers:"
What a sad story that our country has fallen so deeply into the
clutches of sensuality. Sex is used to advertise everything
regardless of what a manufacturer may produce, it seems like the
first area they use to program and to promote their wares is
through the sensual desires. With the mentality that sex sells,
our world has bought pain and misery and suffering.

Our world says, "You will break God's laws before you get
married." In fact, the world mentality is if you don't break
this particular Commandment, something is wrong with you. I
need to say out front that if you do break this, something is
wrong with you.

Let me say out front that sex before marriage has never, ever
been approved by God. It is called sin, it has always been sin,
it is now sin and it will always be sin. Homosexuality has been
sin, it is sin and it will continue to be sin, it will never
become a scripturally, biblically, accepted lifestyle. Living
together under the same roof without being married has been sin,
is sin, and will always be sin. Pornography has been sin, is
sin and will continue to be sin. But I've shared with you that ...

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