by Curt Dodd

Curt Dodd
Exodus 20:8-11

(Read Scripture passage)

Have you ever felt like that you will never catch up
with the amount of work that you have on your desk
right now in your office? Do you ever have to fight
the urge to stay late, after office closing hours, to
finish yesterday's assignment? Have you ever been
tempted to take work home with you and supplant that
for time alone with your family? Let me ask you
another question. Would you agree that workaholicism
hurts families? Everybody would agree to that. Did
you know that God has more to say about taking a day
off than He does say about murder, committing
adultery, stealing, or lying? Apparently God wants us
to understand the importance of controlling our
schedule and taking a day off. In fact, let me give
you a Key Thought: God commands: Take a day off!

In fact the whole scripture is filled full of that.
Today I want us to look at two basic things about this
fourth commandment. We want to look at the basis for
time off and then look at the benefits for time off.


Now what is the basis for taking time off? There are
two. Here they are: God's command, and God's example.
Here in verse 10, God literally says, "on the Sabbath,
you are not to do any work, you are to shut it down.
Everybody in your household is to shut it down.
Anybody who works for you, any animals that you may
work, shut it down, take a day off" and then in verse
11, the scripture teaches us that by God's example
that we are to follow in His taking time off. The
Bible tells us that six days the Lord made the heavens
and the earth and then on the seventh day, He rested;
and so therefore, by His command and by His example,
we are to follow suit with taking a day off.

Now I know this particular sermon ought to be preached
to those who are not here, who haven't taken a day
off, and I feel kind of lik ...

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