by Curt Dodd

Exodus 20:7

"You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God,
for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless
who misuses his name."
There are some things that you really must not take seriously.
Let me give you ten:
1. Never take yourself seriously.

2. When a dentist says, "Don't worry, this won't hurt" Don't
take that seriously.

3. When a mechanic says to you about your automobile "This is
a minor problem." Don't take that seriously either.

4. Don't take it seriously when your child says, "Everybody is
doing it!"

5. When someone asks, "How are you doing?" Don't take that
seriously when they honestly really don't care and really don't
want to know.

6. When someone says, "Let's do lunch" or "Let's get
together." Don't take that seriously that they're talking about

7. Don't take it seriously when someone says, "Buy this, it
will save you money." Have you ever thought about it? If you
buy it, you've lost money.
8. Never take it seriously when you read the sign, "Sale"

9. Never take it seriously when a professional politician
says, "Trust me."

10. Never take it seriously when you get a letter in the mail
that states on the front "Congratulations! You have just won!"

But there is something that you are to take seriously. You are
to take seriously about how you use God's name, for how you
treat God's name, reveals how you look at life. If there is no
respect for the creator, there will be no respect for the
creation; therefore, you will just turn out to be a u ...

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