by Curt Dodd

Curt Dodd
JOHN 5:19-21, 30; 8:26

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As we enter into this dimension of remodeling our
hearts, it is critical that we begin all at the same
place. Before any remodeling is done in our lives,
for our homes, there must first come spring-cleaning.
That's when a project is undertaken to get rid of the
clutter and do extra polishing, mopping and waxing.
Put in the garage sale that which needs to go. Throw
in the trash that which needs to be eradicated. Such
is the same arena for our emotions and our spiritual
walk. As we begin to look at Jesus as the model for
our relationships, love and, especially, in that area
of our home, it is critical that we all begin at

There needs to be an honest evaluation of how we stand
before God, how we stand before others and I pray that
as the Spirit of the Lord shares with you things that
need to go in your life, possibly things that need to
be confessed to sin and repented of, that you would
quickly respond to the probing light of His Spirit
and, like spring cleaning, once the journey is
started, there may come a time of great frustration
and pain and anxiety. In the middle of it, you may
ask yourself why in the world did I start this in the
beginning. But, if you will be true to the completion
of the project, you will be able to look back with
great pride and admiration for that which you have

The same will be true as we travel together in the
next months in this area of home improvement - the
remodeling of our hearts for our home. It may get
tense, it may get sensitive, we may want to run, we
may want to drop the project. But if we see it
through, there will be much to show in our lives and
in the lives of our children and in our relationships
in the future that we can be proud of and that God will
honor and that will use. Quite frankly, we will be at
a greater pea ...

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