by Curt Dodd

I Corinthians 13:5
"Love is not easily angered"
The word anger is used two-hundred and sixty-two times in over
two-hundred and fifty-six verses in the Bible. Anger is an
issue that we need to learn how to properly deal with. People
are not crazed but many of them just don't know how to control
their temper, their anger. The scripture says:
"Love is not easily angered."
We need to realize that there is a time and there is a proper
way to be angry. Even God Himself was angry, Jesus was angry.
Jesus revealed His anger. But there is a way to deal positively
with that emotion and in the right environment and in the right
way. The problem is that often as we allow our tempers to
flare, that we fall into a pattern of sin. This morning I want
to give you five basic keys to temper management. Remember,
this emotional expression of intense feeling is a gift from God
and it is to be an asset that is to be managed; however, if it
is not tamed and corralled, we are talking rodeo in your life.

I'll never forget the first time I tried to manhandle a horse.
I was a sophomore in High School and I want you to know that
word "sophomore" means "wise fool". And appropriately so, for
I ran a rope through the halter of a horse, a horse that had
never learned to go into a trailer. Taking a rope, I guided it
through the middle of the trailer and out the side of the
trailer. I stood side by side with that horse, wrapped the rope
around my hand and decided I would pull that horse in. Stupid
idea! For the moment I prodded the horse to move, it raised up
with great fervor and I found myself knee down in the position
of prayer, pray ...

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