by Curt Dodd

Demolishing Rivalry
Curt Dodd
I Corinthians 13:4

"...Love does not envy..."
What is it about us that makes us enjoy reading bad news about people? Something vicious is in human nature that makes us feel better about ourselves when we read how something terrible has pulled someone else down. You say, "Oh that's not my nature!" Ho, Ho, Ho, it's in all of our natures. Why do you think the media keeps making mega bucks based upon bad news promotion? All lead stories are not about great positive events, but rather about how somebody blew it. In fact, even when they announce who wins the lottery, it's always deep down into the newscast, or it's on the fifth or sixth page of the paper. No one wants to hear good things happening for someone else. What is it? It's envy. It is a sickness of sin inside the nature of an individual that is vicious and terrible. One man said, "Envy provides the mud that failure throws at success."

Envy literally says, "I want your grass to turn brown! In fact, I want your grass to die!" Is the Bible filled full of stories about people having problems with each other in this area? Smack dab full! Look at the relationship between Jacob and Esau, Rachel and Leah, Joseph and his brothers. Constantly, it was there. Do people today have problems with envy? How about salesmen with other salesmen? Doctors versus doctors, lawyers versus lawyers, VP always pitting themselves against other VP's, do secretaries have problems with envy? Yes. They all do. Do people have problems with envy at school? What do people envy at school? Clothes, boyfriends, the ride that they drive, athletic ability, intellectual ability, friends, whose friends with who, we have a tendency to always have an emotion of envy to rule our life. One lady said, "I'm allergic to fur." The other person said, "You are?" She said, "Every time I see my best friend in one, I get sick." Have you ever noticed the entire advertising business is built on this ...

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