by Curt Dodd


September 22, 1993

O Lord God, in your presence this night, we honor you and we
glorify you and as we fit in your presence right now, we say to
you Jesus, you are wonderful, you are beautiful and we praise
you for being the Prince of Peace bringing harmony inside our
hearts and establishing the relationship with God on our behalf.
You are wonderful, Almighty God and this day, this week, you
have been our counselor and tonight we once again lean upon you
and your word to teach us how to walk, how to live, how to
breath, how to represent you. You are wonderful. In Jesus name
we pray. Amen.

Well, I'm glad you're here tonight. It's been a hot day, but I
want you to know according to the calendar, we are through
summer, it has been the last day of summer. Tonight I want to
do something just a bit different than the outline that you
have. With the time that I have, let me jump on one thing and
then jump to another. Would you let me do that? Thank you!

I want you to understand what we are about as a church. You
know we have done some unique, creative things. We have brought
on a screen, you've seen changes in how we do music, we're
focusing toward praise that honors God. We have added
multimedia, not only video, but slides and other things and then
we've also added drama. What in the world are we doing? For
the average person who is the traditional believer coming from
the traditional evangelical church that is used to having a call
to worship, a prayer, three hymns, or two hymns, introduce the
guests, another hymn, you take the offering because one of those
is the offertory h ...

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