by Curt Dodd

! Corinthians 13:5
"Love is not rude"
Rudeness is on the rise. It seems like people are more abusive
in this generation to each other than they were in the last. I
have watched it decline in my lifetime to see that children no
longer say, "Yes ma'am," and "Yes sir," as much as they did in
years past. There is definitely a decline of servility. We
say, "If you don't like it, lump it!"

Let me share with you and invite your participation in the ten
forms of rudeness that irritate me the most. In fact, when you
see my feelings, if that's where you stand, if that's what you
feel, you let it be known some way or another. Whether you say,
"Yeah, Amen, That's right! Preach that!" Let me know how you
feel. I just want to share with you before I do what 1 Peter
2:17 says, the scripture says:
"Show proper respect to everyone"
Dave Letterman has his ten top survey results and the doctor has
his today.
10. What irritates me the most are people who phone you and ask
"Who is this?" before identifying themselves.
9. People who talk with their mouths full so you can identify
their entree.
8. People who honk their horns in a traffic jam that's going
7. People who don't wave back when waved to.
6. People who light their cigarettes in a restaurant and hold
it back in your area instead of smoking it in their
5. People who let their children disturb everyone at church.
4. People who take more than ten items through the express
check out lane.
3. People who try to sell their products through a computer
phone call.
2. People who le ...

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