by Curt Dodd

Philippians 4:2-3
Would you just bow your heads and with your heart turned toward
heaven coming out of a position of real praise this night, would
you open your heart to Jesus and would you ask Him to point out
if there are any things in your life right now that are
separating you from Him in fellowship, is there an attitude,
something said this day. Some action, yet unresolved,
unrepented of. O God in this place your children have come to
praise you and to honor you. To bow down before you, to adore
you, but sometimes, Father, we just run so smack fast that we
run over the very things that mess up our relationship with you.
Lord I pray that we would stop recommending ourselves to you,
stop trying to act out a Christian life, and God, I pray that
you would deal with any sin in our hearts this night. We want
the channel to flow freely between us and heaven and heaven to
us. We really desire for our lives to count in our schools, in
our offices, and really in our homes. O God, I pray that
tonight you would speak to us about how we live and how we act
and I pray at the same time that we would not only sense your
presence but hunger to never leave your presence. And as David
wrote, "Like a deer that pants after the water, O God, my soul
pants for you, I long to know you this night. Break your word
open to me. And feed my soul." Feed your children this night.
In Jesus name, Amen.

I came across the following words that I read that I thought,
"Boy, how often all of us have lived here." Quick, careless
words slaughter more spirits and lay open wounds that are slow
to heal than guns, knives, or automobile ...

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