by Curt Dodd

John 20:10 - 18

Who of us here has never had a broken relationship? In fact,
all of us have. One person once wrote, "to dwell above with the
saints we love, that will be grace and glory. But to live below
with the saints we know, that's another story." All of us have
times where relationships are broken, one woman wrote Dear Abby
and said,
"Dear Abby: I'm single, I'm forty, I'd like to meet
a man with no bad habits."

Abby's reply was:

"So would I !!!"

However, when it comes to bad habits, one of the great bad
habits that we have as human beings is to allow great
relationships that have been broken to go on just like that -
broken. And we try to ignore our differences and try to
separate ourselves from people who are estranged to us. When
the message of Easter is: God is in the Business of Restoring
Broken Relationships. That's what Easter is all about. How a
holy God can have fellowship with an unholy man. How what has
been broken because of sin could be made new again. How does
that happen in your life? How does God teach us how to
re-establish broken relationships?

Over the last year we've been watching Jesus being the model for
loving, being the paradigm for how to treat our partners. Jesus
is also the model for showing us how to re-establish broken
relationship. Remember, that the one who restores a broken
relationship usually fits two criteria. (1) Number one, it is
usually the one who takes the first step who has been hurt the
most and (2) number two, it is always the one who is the most
spiritually mature who will initiate re ...

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