by Curt Dodd


Today I met with a man who came into my office and said, "I just
want to share with you a burden that God has placed on my heart.
One of the needs," he said, "that I really believe the local
church ought to be involved with directly is with the homeless
and God has placed that on my heart. I'm just praying that God
would open up opportunities." He said, "I'm involved with
several different organizations and been involved in going
downtown and feeding the homeless and helping with needs. I
really feel like God would have our church do that very same
thing." I said, "You know that's very interesting that you
would share that because God has been pricking my heart that
there are two areas our church needs to really grow in. Those
are the areas of mission, not only starting churches and
ministering nationwide but also ministering to people in the
name of Jesus in the intercity."

Your family and my family have a great need to grow spiritually.
That is ministering in the name of Jesus to people who hurt.
So you be praying that God will open up and orchestrate some
opportunities for our church to be involved with the homeless.
Though we're located in an area where there are not many
homeless living under Cypress Creek Bridge, there is a need that
God has for us to be involved in the name of Christ in our city,
for the cause of Christ. Maybe not one person will join our
church as a result but we'll be walking where Jesus walked. So
you be praying that God would draw not only the resources but
the teams of people that God would help organize in this next
year from our church to minister in the name of Christ in our

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